School for Rural Medicine Africa

The School for Rural Medicine in Africa was introduced in Africa, in November 2010.

This initiative is an attempt to extend the successful teachings of the now defunct Missionary School of Medicine of the Royal Homoeopathic Hospital in London. Following their long history of spreading the knowledge of inexpensive, effective yet harmless remedies throughout the developing world, many countries such as India and Latin America are leaders in the field of Homoeopathy today.

Homoeopathic medicines originally introduced to the continent had not been carried forward as at that time there was very little literacy in Central Africa.

Now the time is right.  Following a fortunate introduction to a well-known local missionary, Francois du Toit,  author of any books and leader of  African Inroads which has for many years spread inter-faith teaching all over Central Africa, a suggestion was made to church leaders  to nominate students from their communities who share an interest in healing to be trained as lay-Homoeopaths. Twenty men and women from several countries were selected,  all are all English-speaking, well-educated enthusiastic and caring.

At the start of training, an account of the epidemics and diseases most prevalent in their areas was noted and became a guide for the lectures. These illnesses included Malaria, Aids, Diabetes, Cholera and many others. There was intense work done – and in addition each student was given a six-hour course in conventional Red Cross First Aid. They returned home with 32 tinctures of remedies suggested by their needs. In a surprisingly short time they had learned enough to report remarkable work.  They have now seen hundreds of patients and are calling for more medicine and more teaching.

Several qualified Homoeopaths have enthusiastically offered help; Alize Timmerman the internationally known lecturer will play a leading role in teaching.

Trough research in The Hahnemann Institute, the Hahnemann Institute has developed a group of New Remedies which specially help in this severe diseases mainly Aids and Tuberculosis. Alize has taught this group of remedies to a group of doctors in South Africa and this college’s has started to use this remedies in their clinics where most chronic diseases are treated with great results.

At the Durban University research will also start to develop special remedies for aids. Alize will supervise this research, and contribute her extensive experience.

In Central Africa a Homoeopathic reference library is planned. Donations and books will help to establish this worthwhile project and promote the practice of Homoeopathy – well suited to the needs of health in Africa.

Information: Elvia Bury –

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