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Institute for Training & Development in Classical Homeopathy

Alize TimmermanThe Hahnemann Institute Netherlands is an education institute for classical homeopathy. Since the 1980s, the institute has been providing training for classical homeopaths under the direction of Alize Timmerman, with the emphasis on practice-oriented learning in a safe, pleasant atmosphere.


The student is stimulated in his/her further development as a homeopath with an open and alert attitude. The institute’s continuing education uses analytical, systematic and intuitive homeopathy. The “sensation method” is integrated into the lessons and is part of the traditional Homeopathy of Samuel Hahnemann.


Alize Timmerman is known for the in-depth anamnesis, in which finding the remedy for the disturbed vitality is the most important starting point. The Institute draws inspiration from a wide range of possibilities offered by classical homeopathy.


The Hahnemann Institute has developed a number of new homeopathic remedies and cooperates with a number of schools in other countries. The fact that a number of lecturers from these schools teach at the Institute each year places the courses at the Institute in an international framework and promotes an intensive exchange of ideas between the students and homeopaths from other countries. To emphasise the international character of the Institute, an International Seminar is organised every year. The classes are exclusively intended for graduated homeopaths and physicians.

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Nurture and Connection

Nurture and Connection Amniotic Fluid and Lac humanum Amniotic Fluids engulfs the fetus before birth, protecting and in a way enabling the feeding the unborn child. After birth, in normal situations, the mother feeds the child with her own milk. Milk, not only...

Amniotic Fluid Repertorisation

Summary: One of the mayor remedies to treat neonates with connection, stress or eating problems is Oxytocin. Oxytocin is a relatively new homeopathic remedy, just recently proved. In this article the Materia Medica of Oxytocin is reviewed and supplemented. A...

Milk Matters

A mother, who had suffered gestational diabetes in her pregnancy, (and still has polyuria and polydypsia), saw me with her baby of seven weeks, for breast pain. She describes it as a shooting burning pain and reports that her nipples (which are rosy red) blanch during...

Oxytocin – Touch of Love after Lack of Connection

Amniotic Fluid RepertoriumUse  for a larger view and the ESC button on your keyboard to return to normal view. Use < and > for next and previous pages or use your mouse.

Aurum C4

Indications for Aurum Aurum symptoms from the C1 friction General symptoms: - Feeling forgotten and lost- Emptiness, something is missing- Sadness- Searching and longing for oneself and salvation- Not experiencing, that there is a connection with the redemption, the...

Stannum in the C4 friction

Perceive and observe! Stannum makes it possible to see also that which in life for many reasons has been hidden from conscious observation. Focus your attention on what was previously behind you and was therefore not visible. Since mankind has only a limited field of...

Potential for Change: C4 Silicea

This article will explore the trituration process, and the C potencies that are becoming increasingly relevant for 21st-century homeopaths. Brenda O’Brien’s journey to discover this hidden aspect of homeopathy began in 2001. Here she shares the story of how this has...

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