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Institute for Training & Development in Classical Homeopathy

The Hahnemann Institute Netherlands is an education institute for classical homeopathy. Since the 1980s, the institute has been providing training for classical homeopaths under the direction of Alize Timmerman, with the emphasis on practice-oriented learning in a safe, pleasant atmosphere.


The student is stimulated in his/her further development as a homeopath with an open and alert attitude. The institute’s continuing education uses analytical, systematic and intuitive homeopathy. The “sensation method” is integrated into the lessons and is part of the traditional Homeopathy of Samuel Hahnemann.


Alize Timmerman is known for the in-depth anamnesis, in which finding the remedy for the disturbed vitality is the most important starting point. The Institute draws inspiration from a wide range of possibilities offered by classical homeopathy.


The Hahnemann Institute has developed a number of new homeopathic remedies and cooperates with a number of schools in other countries. The fact that a number of lecturers from these schools teach at the Institute each year places the courses at the Institute in an international framework and promotes an intensive exchange of ideas between the students and homeopaths from other countries. To emphasise the international character of the Institute, an International Seminar is organised every year. The classes are exclusively intended for graduated homeopaths and physicians.

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Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli

Master thesis Hahnemann Instituut  - Lapis Lazuli The trituration proving (The Hague December 2004 - June ...
Why do triturated remedies give better results?

Why do triturated remedies give better results?

A case of argentum metallicum Triturated remedies offer a different way of working with Homeopathy, using the ...
Closer Than They Appear: Homeopathy, Analysis, and the Unus Mundus

Closer Than They Appear: Homeopathy, Analysis, and the Unus Mundus

In 1995, at the IAAP Congress in Zurich, Edward Whitmont presented a paper entitled "Homeopathy, Alchemy, and the ...
A motherhood knot

A motherhood knot

A motherhood knot by Michal Yakir (Tr. Assisted by Raphael Neu) Plants are the source of nature’s ability to ...
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