Wiet van Helmond

Coming from a family where several natural ways of healing played a prominent role it wasn’t strange that from an early age I chose to study homeopathy. With almost limitless passion I started my education at the Academy of Natural ways of Healing in Hilversum in 1995 and finished in the year 2000 to become one of the youngest homeopaths in the Netherlands.

Already during my homeopathic training I became fascinated by the many methods of practicing homeopathy as well as the different ways of approaching the similimum (the right remedy). So while I was still studying the basics, I was often following lectures by other homeopaths. And so it came that I got into contact with the teachings of Alize Timmerman and the c4 homeopathy. And almost immediately after getting my diploma I enrolled in The Hahnemann Institute where my thirst for knowledge could be quenched. Even more, Alize’s own theories, combining development psychology with (c4)homeopathy, and her Socratic way of teaching only increased my natural curiosity. So it didn’t take long before I decided to follow almost every lecture that was given at the institute and greedily took in the knowledge.
In the past couple of years I’ve mostly discovered that homeopathy isn’t an island. There is a large overlap with development psychology, both Jungian and Freudian psychology, Hellingers constellational work and several other therapeutic and non-therapeutic theories. It is this realization that makes me look at life and my profession (and there for also my patients) with a wider angle.
Not only have my growth perspectives changed immensely through this but also the quality of healing has matured and ripened.

The great benefit with this broad spectrum of therapeutic approaches is that it is very individually adjustable. After all there are few theories that work for 100% of the people. And this is where my strength lies: to take the most suitable method of using the tool that is homeopathy for each individual patient. Of course this method has proven it’s success during the years.

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