14 and 15 April 2018 Didier Grandgeorge

 Sathurday and Sunday

Didier Grandgeorge: Homeopathy and Autism

Didier is a very experienced homeopathic pediatrician and has treated thousands of children and with his 40-year experience as a homeopath, he is very experienced in the autism syndrome.

He was the first to use detoxifying agents against vaccinations in Europe. He will speak this time about the 'the Spirit of remedies for children with Autism'. Didier bases his precepts on deep philosophical and symbolic insights that he manages to convey to the attendees along easy-to-follow paths.

He is an extremely passionate speaker and it is always a pleasure to follow his lessons.
During his lessons he explains the deeper meaning of symptoms so that in our analysis we can come to deeper layers and soon we’ll see the results in our practice of both acute and chronic problems. The lessons are translated from French.

The seminar fee of € 250,00 including soup and bread and tea and coffee.

Fee’s can be transferred to: NL86INGB0002458683 Hahnemann Instituut in Den Haag.

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Each year over 90 students and practising Homeopaths attend the courses; while a great number of participants attend the seminars the Institute organises yearly with outstanding foreign lecturers. Alize Timmerman, director of the Institute, is a well known teacher of Homeopathy, who lectures all over the world at universities and colleges, conferences and seminars.

The Institute is conveniently located in The Hague, in the vicinity of the Central Station, the shopping area of The Hague and the beach and dunes at Scheveningen. Participants can find good and low-cost lodging at several hotels in the neighbourhood, on walking distance or easily to reach by tram and bike.
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