C4 Homeopathy Homeopathy from the Heart



The inner way to acceptance and awareness

Since 1992 we are engaged at the Hahnemann Institute Netherlands into the development of the C4 or T4 homeopathy in cooperation with Witold Ehrler and Jurgen Becker. Together with some other colleagues we carry out triturations. When triturating the substance, we experience the nature of the various layers of the homeopathic remedy. Resonances take place. By combination of trituration with meditation and creative assignments we may experience that we do not only learn more of the resources, but that this whole process directly also reflects to ourselves on a deeper level. We explore the different layers and types of awareness of our personality, on physical, emotional and spiritual level. This process of trituration happens in synchronicity, in a bigger field and these so-called C4 resources have their effect on a larger field or area. In this structure we develop helpful resources for our practices, which serve as a special medicine for people who are suffering.

In 2009 we've triturated: Equisetum, Ammoniatic Fluid, Umbilical cord, Coral and Hazelnut to C5.
We all have been very touched by this process of increased awareness. This process takes place in synchronism with trituration groups in South Africa, England and America.

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